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Important Security Notice: T-Mobile recently announced a breach of their networks which led to the theft of 37 million customer records. This breach increases the risk of "SIM Swapping" attacks where criminals are able to temporarily have victim cellphone numbers transferred to devices under the criminal's control. If you currently utilize SMS Text Messages for your myEQUITY MultiFactor (MFA) authentication, you are strongly encouraged to consider changing to the more secure MFA options that we make available. See More: T-Mobile Breach Article. To update your MFA, please login and navigate to Profile>Security Information.

myEQUITY makes it easy to manage your account(s) with intuitive online wizards, a clear line of sight to account data and transactions in process and convenient, around-the-clock access from any device.


Security and protecting our clients’ personal information are of upmost importance to Equity Trust Company. As cybercriminals remain a threat to all of us, Equity Trust wants to remind you to continue to keep your personal information secure at all times. This includes information related to passwords, email accounts and other information that can identify or authenticate you. Remember to use unique passwords for each account type. In addition, consider using Google Authenticator or Okta Verify for your multi-factor authentication, instead of SMS texting to provide you with additional security. As always, please contact us if your personal information is compromised in any way.

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